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Resolution 1325 and the most significant change

As part of the capacity building of its member organizations working to promote women's leadership in the service of peace, reconciliation and reconciliation among the peoples of the African Great Lakes subregion; the SPR organized a training session at the hotel la Roche de Bukavu from 11/12 to 15/12/2013, on resolution 1325 and the most significant change.

The main objective of this training session was to train and inform SPR women on Resolution 1325 as an advocacy and lobbying tool and on the most significant change as a tool for monitoring and advocacy. evaluation of their daily activities for peace, protection, fair justice and women's security in our sub-region of the Great Lakes of Africa.
In addition, this framework has further strengthened the bonds of friendship and fraternity that bind SPR members as well as good neighborly relations among the peoples of Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.

Apart from the two themes mentioned above, the participants had the privilege of receiving also ample explanations on the project Femme au Fone, which is a system of communication, information and advocacy to help a good action with regard to security. women.
This session, whose official opening ceremonies were chaired by Dr. Justine, Advisor to the Provincial Minister in charge of Health and Gender, was attended by 47 people including 38 women and 9 men from Rwanda, Burundi, Uvira, Goma and Bukavu. The various delegations consisted in particular of:

  • 6 delegates from Rwandan member organizations
  • 6 delegates from Burundi member organizations
  • 7 delegates from Uvira member organizations
  • 6 delegates from Goma member organizations
  • 15 delegates from Bukavu member organizations
  • 2 managers of the Management Committee of the Women in Fone project in South Kivu
  • 5 members of the editorial team of the Women in Fone project in South Kivu.

It should be noted that this session was held in a climate of harmony, mutual tolerance, love, fraternity and friendliness among all participants from the 3 transboundary countries of the Great Lakes subregion. Africa.
After 3 days of intensive work, which was particularly marked by presentations, exchanges, debates and intersections, the participants shone through their active participation and formulated the following resolutions and recommendations for a subregion. Great lakes pacified and where people will be truly fulfilled.


  • Send by email to each SPR member the project draft on women leaders serving rural women.
  • Send the recommendations of this session to the authorities of our 3 countries in the subregion (Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo)
  • Establish a framework for monitoring women's political mandates

2.1. At the SPR

  • Make projects with the possibility to make deep analysis of the causes of repetitive wars in the sub-region, with the possibility to develop strategies to contribute more to peace and security in the sub-region and to make a plea to different scales for peace and sustainable development in the Great Lakes sub-region of Africa.

2.2. To the governments of DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi

  • Integrate Resolution 1325 into the national plan of the respective countries
  • To apply Resolution 1325 without complacency in their respective countries
  • To establish peace between them to promote reconciliation and peaceful coexistence of the peoples of the Great Lakes subregion of Africa.
  • Cease all support of any kind whatsoever to armed groups that threaten the security and tranquility of the peoples of the Great Lakes subregion of Africa.

2.3. At the United Nations

  • To be firmly committed to peace in the African Great Lakes subregion by supporting the total annihilation initiatives of all armed groups.
  • Ensure strict compliance with resolution 1325 across the countries of the Great Lakes subregion of Africa.

2.4. To the lenders

  • To support organizations working for peace and the promotion of women's rights in the Great Lakes sub-region of Africa with a view to contributing to the improvement of security and justice for women.

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