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In order to fight for women's safety and respect for their rights, Femme au Fone, a sms-focused project reporting cases of women's rights violations, in its first phase, received more than 5,000 messages including more 2700 actually affect women's security at all levels.
To this end, since several data related to women's safety were collected in this first phase, the second phase of this FAF project will focus its attention on advocacy actions. However, these actions require the involvement and collaboration of different stakeholders: civil society actors, international partners, UN partners and politico-administrative authorities.
That being so, it is imperative to bring to the attention of all these actors what a woman in the fone expects of them for the achievement of her objectives and thus contribute to the safety of women in the province of South Kivu.

It is in this context that the SPR in close collaboration with the technical department of the provincial ministry of gender, health and humanitarian affairs via the division of woman, family and child, in the project Woman au Fone, organized this Monday April 03, 2017, in the great room of Alfajiri College, a round table on the occasion of the closing of the commemoration of the International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8 of each year.
It is worth recalling that this International Women's Day was celebrated under the theme: "Women in a changing world of work: a 50/50 planet by 2030". And at the national level: "together for a 50/50 parity by 2030: invest in decent work and full employment for women in a climate of peace and equity".



  • Make the "Femme au Fone" project visible and present the situation of women regarding access to employment, home security, girls' access to education ...;
  • Seal a collaboration between FAF
  • Division of Women, Family and Children (technical service of the provincial Ministry of Gender) and other partners: administrative and political authorities, civil society actors, international organizations, UN agencies and local leaders in the field. effective advocacy for women's rights;
  • Make participants aware of women's safety;
  • Involve decision-makers in finding solutions for improving women's safety



  • The woman-to-woman project is known to all actors and the state of the situation of women regarding the different forms of insecurity they experience is presented;
  • Collaborative links for future advocacy and lobby actions are mapped
  • Participants in the activity are made aware of the fight against violence against women through several channels: songs, plays, poems ...
  • The beneficiaries of FAF testified of their achievements in their different environments;
  • Civil society, international, United Nations, politico-administrative and other community leaders are mobilized around the issue of women's security;
  • The various actors pledge to accompany FaF in the change of policy and practice that violate the rights of women



After the national anthem marking the beginning of the demonstrations, the moderator Mr. Thaïs BAGULA, placed a word of good come to the participants. Then he announced the agenda of the day on which we could read:

  • Theatrical piece of the group Ballet Renaissance Africa;
  • Presentation of the report on investigations of early child marriage in the eight territories of South Kivu Province by the Women, Family and Children Division;
  • Screening of the video on domestic violence by the Rédaction Femme au Fone;
  • Testimonies of the achievements of the Femme au Fone project by Jeannette CANDAZI and Honorine NANKAFU;
  • Presentation of Femme au Fone by the Executive Secretary of the SPR and Editor of Women Writing at the Fone, Mrs. Yvette MUSHIGO;
  • Closing remarks by HE Mr. Governor of South Kivu Province or his representative


Presenting this afternoon's program, Mr. Thats invited the group Ballet Renaissance Africa to present the theatrical play centered on: the lack of employment of young people and women and the various forms of violence they are experiencing; problem of multidimensional insecurity in the city of Bukavu and the territories of the South Kivu Province; early marriage of children, domestic violence experienced by women in their households and their consequences on the whole life of the family and society in general. It is up to us to remind that this activity was also incremented by a local musician.

It was at the end of this theatrical play challenging bad practices that overwhelmed women in their empowerment, that the moderator invited Ms the head of the Women, Family and Children Division to present her report on early child marriage.

In her introduction, Mrs. Jacqueline NGENGELE focuses her remarks on the philosophy of the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, CEDAW in acronym and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). ) based on the 1990 African Charter for the Rights of the Child and Law No. 009 of 10 January 2009 on the protection of the child. With this in mind, from 26 to 30 May 2014, a conference was held in Addis Ababa with the aim of ending child marriage in Africa and DR Congo in particular by 2017.

This is when she defines some key terms before contextualizing the frame in which her division did this search. Then she retraced the strategies used by her division and the statistics she reached (depending on whether it is poor areas, village or city). It culminated in the causes and consequences of child marriage in different settings while reformulating some recommendations at all levels. These include:

  • Build the capacity and knowledge of local human rights partners to disseminate laws on sexual and gender-based violence;
  • That the government ensure the improvement of the living conditions of the population and the restoration of the authority of the State;
  • Justice to apply and enforce the law to all citizens equally without distinction, especially in relation to sexual and gender-based violence;
  • Advocate with the government, NGOs and UN agencies to initiate integrative projects taking into account the gender dimension in their specificities


Before concluding her presentation, Ms. Jacqueline returns to the campaign of awareness of communities against child marriage in the province of South Kivu which she pursues since August 25, 2015 in collaboration with the Provincial Government through the Division of Women, Family and Child in partnership with UNFEMME and the results of the investigations it has done in the health facilities of Kadutu commune. Which investigations revealed that in 2016, 276 children gave birth in the various health structures surveyed.

It is at this level that the projection of the video on the different forms of domestic violence experienced by women took place. This video was made by the editorial staff of Femme au Fone in 5 parishes in the city of Bukavu with the support of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission.

With regard to the testimonies of some women beneficiaries of the Women in Fone project, Mrs. Jeannette CANDAZI and Honorine NANKAFU respectively correspondent of Radio MAENDELEO in Kamanyola - plain of RUZIZI; and Councilor of the Village of NYAMAKANA, member of the Local Council of Sage of BUGORHE group in Kavumu. In their various interventions, they proved that FAF equipped them on the various forms of insecurity and the techniques of denunciation. And to NANKAFU to add, this project FAF trains and informs women about their safety. Thanks to the text messages sent to the editors, they were used as community outreach, advocacy with decision-makers and mediation when needed.

Invite by the moderator to talk about FAF, Mrs. Yvette MUSHIGO, Executive Secretary of the SPR and Editorial Director of FAF, begins by giving the results of the first phase of FAF (after 2 years) or better, the great achievements FaF. It is these achievements that lead him to talk about prospects for this second phase of this project, among other work on existing data for advocacy actions.
In her address, Ms. Yvette called on all actors at all levels: politico-administrative authorities, civil society actors, international partners and those of the United Nations to accompany the FAF consortium in advocacy for women's security which is a right to demand.

Jules MBOKANI representing Cordaid at these meetings, for his part, in his words of circumstance, retraces the context of women in DR Congo, which context led Cordaid with its local partners: Synergy of Women for Peace and Reconciliation of Peoples of the Great Lakes (SPR), Association of Media Women (AFEM) and Radio Maendeleo (RAMA) to develop this FAF project under the technical and financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Finally, he thanked the provincial government of South Kivu, via the provincial governor, the embassy of the Netherlands for their support and all the other partners for their support in the fight against the insecurity of the woman.

In his closing remarks, the vice-governor of South Kivu Province, Professor Gabriel KALONDA MBULU, retraces the charges and various activities that have crossed the month of women under the international theme "women in a world working in evolution: a 50/50 planet by 2030 "; and the national one: "together for 50/50 parity by 2030: invest in decent work and full employment for women in a climate of peace and equity". He comes in the place of the hardworking woman in education and every other aspect of life. This is where he invited all the different partners present at this activity to use the FAF strategies presented by Mrs Yvette and the support of this consortium in their actions so that in March 2018, thanks to objectively verifiable indicators. from this project, we come back to evaluate her achievements on women's security in the province of South Kivu.

 It is in this term that at 17:49 minutes, having exhausted all the points on the agenda under the great satisfaction of the participants, that the Vice-Governor, HE Mr. Gabriel KALONDA MBULU closed the demonstrations of this evening which began at 3:10 minutes.


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