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South Kivu, the Bible inspires women actresses of peace for the search for peace

From 23 to 25 March 2016, a training workshop was held in Bukavu organized by the Women's Synergy for Peace and Reconciliation of the Peoples of the Great Lakes of Africa in partnership with the Soundjata Foundation of Holland. The theme of this training was: the Bible as a source of inspiration for women peace activists in South Kivu. To this end, women from the territories and the Bukavu city, women working for peace in the province in particular and the DRC in general, want to understand how to base scripture on the Bible to consolidate their actions of peace. This starts from the context where some Bible verses are interpreted differently by preachers and pastors to marginalize the woman. The repeated wars ravaging the east of the country especially in villages where armed groups insecure more the population and women in particular who do not know how to go about their daily activities. Apart from that, women face multiple problems in their daily lives and this makes many find refuges in churches hoping to find a cure and strength to overcome them. Domestic violence, customs, social justice and so many others.


  The Bible as a source of peace

"The Bible is a very important book for Christians around the world in the sense that it strengthens their faith," said theologian Professor Esther MOMBO from Kenya. "And for women peacemakers, the Bible can give them the strength, the motivation and the power to direct their actions because the words of the Bible are a consolation and a hope," she adds. For her part the theologian Dr. Professor Micheline KAMBA indicates that a woman actress of peace, it is the one who seeks peace in a peaceful way by using strategies allowing him to solve some problems. This is how the Bible can help women peacemakers as it contains stories of the many women who have marked the times through bravery, intelligence, wisdom, fear of God, love, humility, determination , mediation and others to restore peace. It is like the virgin Mary who has accepted to fulfill the will of God by giving birth to the savior of humanity despite the criticism and shame she felt in her community when she became pregnant while still engaged, Abigail, the wife of Nabal who used intelligence, courage and humility to save his family that King David wanted to exterminate because of the pride of his husband, Deborah who was the first woman judge, Esther who saved his community and so many others. "This is to show that the woman began the quest for peace from the ancestors, but their actions remain little known and are not valued," says Micheline KAMBA with regret. Speaking also of female leadership, Micheline KAMBA said that the Bible does not prohibit the woman to lead even if certain verses stipulate it as well. The typical example is in Galatians 3,26-28 which forbids the woman to rule. According to Micheline, the circumstances must be adapted to the times. This was because at that time there were problems with the question of what the woman is leading in the church and Paul wanting to establish peace, he asked the Galatian women not to serve. But, she continues, today it would be better to understand that times are over.


Will for a lasting peace  

The women at this meeting want to emulate these examples to strengthen their daily actions in the search for peace. "Not only must we take their examples but also we must value the actions of the women of the Bibles because very often in churches we speak little or almost never of these actions that we have just discovered, and we were in ignorance of these women because that we do not read the Bible, we expect it to be read for us "says the executive secretary of the Women's Caucus for Peace South Kivu Solange LWASHIGA FURAHA. "We are committed to highlighting the actions of women in the Bible for the sake of peace because the Bible itself advocates peace" added Jeanne MUJIJIMA MACHUMU, theologian of Bukavu. The problems faced by women in South Kivu and throughout Africa are numerous, but that should not discourage them or cause them to give up. On the other hand, they should use certain strategies and use their values ​​to solve these problems. These strategies are among others as mentioned above, intelligence, wisdom, humility, determination and others. Talking about values, for example, one sees, for example, altruism, the good heart, the beauty of the woman, the kindness, the gentleness, the moral values ​​to mention only that and which characterizes the woman.

To Yvette Mushigo to say that "The woman herself can not succeed in this struggle without the commitment of certain men who misinterpret the Bible verses to marginalize her, without the commitment of the preachers and pastors who have an influence in the community and who are expected to show this bravery of women, this could have a positive impact and can contribute to the change of the woman's consideration, thus improving her situation.


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