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Understanding SPR

The Women's Synergy for Peace and Reconciliation of the Peoples of the Great Lakes of Africa (SPR) is a network of 40 organizations working in eastern DR Congo (North and South Kivu), Rwanda ( in the provinces of Rubavu and Rusizi) and in Burundi (in the city of Bujumbura and surrounding areas), for peace, the promotion of women's leadership, the empowerment of women and the rapprochement of the peoples of the Great Lakes subregion of Africa torn apart by conflict.


Created in 2015, the SPR has set itself the vision: "a subregion of the great lakes of pacified Africa, where peoples are reconciled and fulfilled". Its mission is to mobilize and support women leaders and organizations working for peace in the Great Lakes subregion through capacity building.


She has as a workhorse:

  1. Advocacy for women's peace and security in the Great Lakes subregion of Africa;
  2. The fight for gender equality, the promotion of women's leadership and the empowerment (political and economic) of women;
  3. Capacity building of SPR member organizations through training on several themes.


To achieve the different goals it pursues, the SPR partners with other NGOs working in similar fields as ours. Thus, it is currently working with certain international and national partners who support its activities; especially :


1 °) Mensen mete Missie of the Netherlands which finances its program of Support to the pacification actions in the subregion of Great-Lakes of Africa (South Kivu and North Kivu in the East of the DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi) since 2005 to date;


With the support of the Dutch government via its Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Mensen Met enn Missie finances its partners in North and South Kivu, including the SPR in the MWANAMKE AMANI na USALAMA program (a program that aims to support the DRC in the implementation of its NAP1325 for the defense of women's rights and the total involvement of women in the peace process and reconstruction;


2 °) In Consortium, between 2013 and 2015, with some national organizations (SPR, Radio Maendeleo and the Association of Media Women "AFEM") and other international organizations (Cordaid, WordCom Lola Mora, Medio and the Sundjata Foundation ), we realized the project "FEMME AU FONE for the safety of the woman especially in rural areas in the province of South Kivu"; the project was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Within this project, our organization has been responsible for coordinating the National Lobby Network and UN Resolution 1325 Expert.


3 °) Cordaid Holland funded our "Women Leaders for Rural Women" project to ensure a connection between highly placed women and rural women leaders; this project was carried out in 2014 in the provinces of South Kivu and North Kivu;


4 °) Global Fund for Women, an American organization, subsidized in 2015 our extension project of the Addis Ababa Framework Agreement for Peace, Security and Cooperation for the Congo and the Great Lakes Subregion of Africa and UN Resolution 1325;


5) With International Alert, in 2015, we carried out a key activity in Nyabibwe and Kalonge to train women peacemakers on the use of tools for context analysis and conflict.


6 °) With the financial support of Mensen met een Missie of the Netherlands, we are executing (in 2016), in collaboration with the Sundjata Foundation of the Netherlands and some women theologians of the sub-region, the project for the training of women peacemakers in the province of South Kivu; entitled: "The Christian religion as a source of inspiration for women peace actors".


7 °) Our synergy is a member of the "Nothing without women" campaign born in Bukavu in March 2015; a movement born in Bukavu in March 2015 to defend the rights of women, with the aim of achieving equal representation of men and women in decision-making bodies in DR Congo.


Adresse de la SPR

N° 159, Bâtiment Mujanga, sur avenue Patrice Emery Lumumba, quartier Ndendere, à Nyawera entre le bureau ORANGE et VISION SHALA TV, commune d'Ibanda, ville de Bukavu en province du Sud-Kivu

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